Residents urged not to use textile recycling banks

Officials say textile banks are full to bursting in Richmondshire and unlikely to be emptied for some time.

Residents are being asked to keep any unwanted clothing at home until the coronavirus pandemic restrictions pass, or put them out for kerbside collection with their recycling bags and boxes.

The district council said that if they are placed at textile bring banks they are unlikely to get recycled, but cleared away and sent to landfill as the company that empties the bins has suspended its service due to the current crisis.

The council said that any left there would be classed as flytipping which can incur prosecution and fines.

“We understand people are using this prolonged period of time at home to clear out cupboards and wardrobes, but we urge them to either hang on to unwanted textiles until the current restrictions pass or place them out with kerbside recycling,” said corporate director, Colin Dales.

Textiles placed at the kerbside must be in clear bags so crews can identify the recycling as textiles and they should be left out with regular recycling boxes and bags.