Residents urged to book Christmas tree collection

Photo: Robin Stott.

Christmas trees will be collected for recycling from around 7,000 Richmondshire households early next year.

Every subscriber to the district council’s garden waste service is entitled to the one off January collection – but the service must be booked.

The booking line is now open at with householders having until January 6 to secure a slot.

Collections will take place from January 9 to 18 – customers will be notified of the day for collection once the booking is confirmed.

Christmas trees and green bins must be at the kerbside by 6.30am on collection day.

Residents not on the green waste subscription service can still recycle their trees – they will not be picked up from outside homes but can be taken to one of the council’s Christmas tree recycling collection points to be picked up on the following days:

  • Monday 9th January – Hawes Recycling Centre
  • Tuesday 10th January – Leyburn Recycling Centre
  • Thursday 12th January – Brompton on Swale Recycling Centre
  • Thursday 12th January – Colburn Recycling Centre
  • Friday 13th January – Nuns Close Recycling Centre, Richmond
  • Monday 16th January – Reeth Recycling Centre

Council officials say trees will only be collected from them on these days so please leave trees at them as close as possible to these dates.


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  1. Some people just dump their trees without checking collection dates and sites, there is one lonely abandoned Christmas tree in the RDC carpark at Hawes that has been there since January, it was left there WELL after the advertised collection date

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