Residents urged to sign up to community messaging scheme

Residents of Richmondshire have been urged to sign up to North Yorkshire community messaging service by the district’s policing inspector.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from the Richmondshire Community Policing Team, has issued a personal plea for residents to register

He said: “Please sign up to the service which is totally free and different from other ways of being kept informed, such as via Facebook.

“This system is more personal and is directed towards the residents and businesses within Richmondshire.

“A great example of how this works is recently we had a suspicious vehicle in a rural area in the Leyburn area and as a direct result of an appeal by me to the residents in the area, we quickly identified the occupants and dealt with them.

“I will also keep you updated on the things you have brought to my attention that matter to you, such as speeding results, vehicle seizures, drink driver arrests and crime appeals, plus other very interesting issues.”

The email and text service is free and provided by North Yorkshire Police.

The officer added: “Why not give it a go and if it is not for you, it is very easy to unsubscribe.

“I firmly believe that the more residents in Richmondshire that we have on the system, the safer Richmondshire will be and it will also enable us to keep crime as low as it is.

“The overall feedback I am getting from the over 3,300 members is very positive, so if you are not already a member, please do subscribe now.”

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  1. I’ve subscribed in the hope that it won’t descend into the farce that was the Ringmaster scheme.

  2. I tried to register but it wants a password and all that….too much faff, I already have about a hundred passwords to juggle. I’d like to take part but don’t see why I have to open an account with a password.

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