Residents’ views wanted after Wensleydale Railway funding boost

A train on the Wensleydale Railway at Constable Burton. Photo: Rosser1954.

The Wensleydale Railway Association Trust (WRAT) has launched two surveys to get the public’s views on how best to share the heritage of the line.

The Government announced in October last year that the railway has been awarded £90,000 to help it survive the pandemic.

The money is being used to restore Leeming Bar Station House and create a heritage visitor centre at the site.

Rachael Roberts, spokesperson for the railway, said: “WRAT has been given a grant by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to share the heritage of the station and the railway with more people and in new ways.

“We would love to hear your views on how to do this.

“Furthermore, following a year when lockdowns and other restrictions have prevented the Wensleydale Railway from running trains, the operating company has tried to make use of this time to stop and take stock of where we have been and of where we would like to go.

“As the railway starts to plan for re-opening we have been busy making some exciting plans for the future.”

One plan is to begin the new season when restrictions allow with an hourly service between Bedale and Scruton stations where visitors will be able to step back in time and enjoy a living museum experience.

Rachael added: “We would then plan to reopen the rest of the railway in stages. We would again love to hear your views on this.”

To take part in the local community survey, click here:

A separate survey for visitors from out the area is available here: