Retaining wall collapses in Yorkshire Dales prompting fears of road closure

Photo: Arkengarthdale Parish Council.

A retaining wall has collapsed meaning a key road in the Dales may have to close for repair work.

The wall at Forgill Bridge, on the main road in Arkengarthdale near Arkle Town, fell down on New Year’s Eve.

Highways officials have inspected the site today and say the road can stay open for now.

However, they have told Arkengarthdale Parish Council they will keep monitoring it and if it becomes unsafe, the road will have to shut.

It is expected the road will have to close for several months anyway for repair work later this year.

The parish council said in a statement: “In the summer, the road will then be fully closed for three to four months in order to rebuild the walls on both sides of the road.

“The bridge itself is sound, but the walls retaining the road on the Reeth side need serious attention.

“The side that hasn’t collapsed (the west side) is bowing inwards and so it makes sense to do this whilst the road is closed.”

It is expected traffic would be diverted along Bouldershaw Lane through the watersplash to Low Row when the road does have to close.

Click here for more information from the parish council.