Return of fair to Richmond ‘damaging trade’ say businesses

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Businesses in Richmond say the arrival of the fair — for the second time this summer — is hitting trade.

The Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association (ORBT) has written to the town council to ask why it was not consulted ahead of a decision to allow the fair to set up in the Market Place just two months after it was last in the town.

ORBTA chair Marcia McLuckie said she had received several complaints from members about the fair’s return.

Ten businesses which responded to a questionnaire sent our by the association said the fair was damaging to their businesses.

No companies said the fair was good for trade.

In a latter to the town council, Mrs McLuckie said: “I am extremely disappointed that, so far as I am aware, the business and tourism association was neither consulted nor informed that the fair was again coming to town.

“I do feel that with 100+ members we are a body that should be consulted on matters that directly affect our businesses.

“Following a number of complaints made to me about the fair I sent round a brief questionnaire to our members.”

She added: “In such difficult times as we are going through and that are predicted to get worse, it seems grossly unfair that businesses in the town centre have had this second fair imposed on them.

“Town councillors cannot fail to know how much many of the businesses dislike the fair because of the disruption to their businesses, both from a practical, working point of view and financial loss.

“From a parent’s point of view I suspect it can’t have been great having children asking to go to the fair at this back to school time of year when there is already money to layout for school uniforms etc and again, the cost of living is getting progressively higher.”

Cllr Bob White, who backed the decision to allow the fair to return when the town council took the decision in June, said: “We made the decision before the financial crisis hit the roof.

“At the time we though it was a good idea and we should give it a try. Apparently it’s not that popular so we will have to have a rethink.”

The fair was criticised during its last visit for provocative images of women on some of the rides and stalls.

Fair bosses agreed to cover up the images after being contacted by the town council.

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  1. It would be nice if the people which live in and round the Richmond area had a questionnaire sent to them next time the fair comes to see if the outcome is the same.

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