REVIEW: Double-quick bite at the popular La Piazza

La Piazza.

You drive passed La Piazza in Richmond day or night and it’s always busy — other restaurateurs must be so envious.

It’s quite an impressive building from the outside these days, with a new glass extension only adding to an appearance that looks more Sunset Boulevard than old car dealer’s yard.

We visited on a Thursday evening early doors and although it wasn’t bursting at the seams, there was plenty of other people dining to make the place feel lively.

We got to pick our seats, which I like as I’m anti-social and always want to sit as far from other people as possible.

We started with tempura king prawns (£8.50) and deep-fried brie (£6.95). The dishes were not spectacular but there was nothing to moan about either. They also arrived super quick, like fast-food restaurant quick.

For main course, which again arrived in double-quick time, I had a chicken al forno (£11.95) with Sarah opting for a chicken parmo (£15.50), or the pollo parmesan, as it was called on the menu. Both were adequate if not overly inspiring. Mine, for example, wasn’t dissimilar to a dish I’d serve the kids on a Friday night when in a rush. What both meals lacked in finesse, they made up for in filling capabilities though as the portions were huge. The extra fries (£2.40) were barely touched.

They were however useful for us to stick on a fork and hold in the air to suggest to the waiting staff, that were hovering to clear the plates away, that we were still eating. Had we not, we could have been home within an hour-and-half from leaving the house, including the 30 minutes of driving time.

I know speedy service does seems a daft thing to moan about but we did feel a little rushed. I’ve been to Italy and they can take days to eat a meal. Of course, people would sharp complain if they had to wait hours to get fed but at the same time, just a gap of a few minutes between courses and trying to take the plates away when you’re still chewing is not ideal either.

I can see why La Piazza is busy. It’s a good-looking restaurant, the prices are keen, the service is efficient, and the food is good value. While it’s maybe not the place to go for a long and leisurely meal, if you’re looking for a quick bite, then you could do a lot worse.

La Piazza, 2 Dundas St, Richmond, United Kingdom

Tel: 01748 825008 Email:


Food 3/5

Surroundings 4/5

Service 3/5

Value for money 4/5


  1. Quick service indicates that food is not freshly prepared. Thanks for the warning that there has been no improvement since my first visit, which will remain my only visit.

  2. I never thought this site would be used for advertising private businesses. What next?

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