REVIEW: Morgan and West – Time travelling Magicians at the Georgian Theatre

By James Stott

What a thoroughly enjoyable performance. I was sat grinning the whole way through

Mr Morgan and Mr West are two utterly charming, Victorian magicians, who have travelled all the way through time from the 19th century, to bring us their brilliant, family friendly show at the Georgian Theatre in Richmond.

The duo were in perfect sync and produced a superbly crafted, well oiled routine with multiple climaxes.

The very entertaining chaps used language, music and lighting to deliver a baffling performance of timeless magic, that was perfect, amazing and at times verging on scary!

It was very well received by the audience of all ages, who sat and looked on in amazement as Mr Morgan and Mr West continued to bend reality more and more as the show progressed.

There was a good bit of audience participation, which enhanced each trick and left us all awe struck, especially after reading the minds of several members!

I will definitely be going to see them again, next time they bring their show to town, and I recommend this for those looking for a very entertaining evening.