REVIEW: Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society’s Short Stories

In their second offering of Short Stories, Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society delivered three very different plays, but all done with the same outcome – a deserved ovation at the Georgian Theatre Royal.

Without giving away the plots too much, all three had more than a touch of humour, while also underlining very human virtues and vices.

Two bickering aunts in ‘Cracker’s Christmas’ were at the centre of the first short story. Their animosity went back four decades and it was all the Cracker family could do to keep them apart during a festive Turkey dinner.

Aunt Daphne (Susie Ordish) and Aunt Delphine (Karen Davies) hadn’t spoken to each other for so long over a relatively trivial matter, but one of the family makes a startling confession. I’ll leave the rest to you.

In ‘The Break Room’ Megan (Eleanor Harland) has a lowly opinion of Craig (Stewart Kerr) even though both flip burgers at a local fast food place. Megan has ideas of improving herself and is not impressed by Craig’s oafishness. Craig is indeed fairly rude and does not come across as the brains of the operation, but a surprise visit by a former Champ Burger flipper, now TV chef, changes everything. The outcome is a clear and universal one, do not judge a book by its cover.

Both plays lasted just shy of 30 minutes, while the final offering ‘Bride before a Fall’ was longer, but the best was left until last. Victor (Dan Westgarth) and Lottie (Jennifer Roberts) are having an affair behind Madelyn’s (Charlotte Finn) back, in a devious attempt to get at her substantial wealth. They plot her downfall, on numerous occasions unsuccessfully. Their efforts are so amateurish, Laurel and Hardy could have done a better job.

This was terrific. Madelyn tries to set Lottie up with a friend on a date, but Victor insists he is gay. “He can’t be,” says Madelyn. “He’s got a tattoo.”

Thick-as-a-plank Madelyn mixed her metaphors, laughed a horse laugh which made the ceiling shake and delivered wedding hell to Victor.

So how do Victor and Lottie get out of this threesome? You can find out tonight as a few tickets are still available at the box office.


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  1. Just one correction for you: in Bride before a fall, Victor and Madelyn are having the affair, and Lottie is the unsuspecting wife!

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