REVIEW: Triptych art exhibition at Leyburn Arts and Community Centre

Max Ahmed's Wensleydale in Summer.

The Triptych art exhibition in The Studio at The Old School House in Leyburn is a good place to go this month to get away from the winter blues and maybe even find an uplifting Christmas present.

The paintings by three local artists are not only vibrant and affordable, but also provide a warm reminder of glorious summers in the Dales.

The three local artists which comprise the ‘triptych’ are Gill Kopka, Eithne Hanson and Max Ahmed.

Each bring a touch of summer: Gill with her bright and breezy sunflowers and her floral studies; Eithne’s dancing clouds in ‘Wind’; and Max with her joyful portrayals of meadows in bloom.

In contrast to these are Eithne’s atmospheric landscapes which capture those wild but envigorating days when dark clouds close in over the hills or the countryside is aflame at sunset.

‘My inspiration is landscape – whether in the Dales, Scotland or Herefordshire, and I am constantly delighted by the play of light and colour over the days and in the changing seasons, especially in Wensleydale,’ Eithne explained.

Gill Kopka painting of a Best Friend.

The inspirational art classes run by Scott Massie and Winifred Hodge are evident especially in some of Max’s paintings.

And then there are Gill’s delightful animal studies, especially of a spaniel called Ted and her amusing ‘Horse at Sunset’.

Leyburn Art Centre is open each day from 10am to 5pm but these days The Studio is often being used for meetings. So it if you are planning to make a special journey to visit the exhibition it is advisable to phone first: 01969 624510. The exhibition continues until December 25.