Rhythm and Shoes Dance Academy celebrates pupils’ success

Richmond’s Rhythm and Shoes Dance Academy is celebrating success after more than 200 of its pupils achieved outstanding results in their IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association) examinations.

The IDTA exams were taken on June 11 and July 16 this year, and academy leaders say the results have been spectacular.

Pupils across various age groups and dance disciplines displayed their enthusiasm, skill and commitment, earning accreditation for their remarkable achievements, said principal of the academy, Hazel Richmond.

She added: “We’re incredibly proud of each and every one of our pupils.

“Their dedication and hard work has paid off, and their accomplishments are a testament to their passion.

“These exceptional results are not just a testament to the students’ dedication but also a reflection of our academy’s unwavering and consistently high standards of teaching and our commitment to dance education.

For more information about the Rhythm and Shoes Dance Academy and its dance programs, visit www.therhythmandshoesdanceacademy.com