Richard Sadler wins Carperley Green trial

Richard Sadler. Photo: Rob Blueman.

Richmond Motor Club held a trial at Carperley Green on Sunday, April 30.

A drizzly day made for a tough few sections for the riders, particularly the hill climb on Section 3.

A total of 57 adults and 11 youth riders attempted three laps of 12 sections, with Richard Sadler (Vertigo) winning the trial on 20 marks lost after a slack 5 on the first lap. Rob Waite (Beta) came in second overall on 25 marks lost, closely followed by Jack Stones (Vertigo), who dropped 28 marks.

Callum Fowler (Beta) was fourth overall and first in the A Hard Class after dropping 72 marks, followed by Harry Blackwell (Beta) and Arran Sherwin (Beta) on 90 and 128 marks respectively.

Martyn Alderson (Beta) led the Clubman A (Green) Course, losing 23 marks. Darren Gill (Vertigo) and Paul Hayward (Electric Motion) were battling it out for second place, with Darren just taking the lead on 28 marks to Paul’s 29 marks lost.

The Youth riders on the Green Course did well, with George Hird (Sherco) winning the class on 41 marks lost. Jack Vasey (Beta) on 46 marks and Charlie Astwood (Sherco)on 59 marks rounded off the top 3 in the class.

Adrian Harrison (TRRS) had a cracking ride on the Clubman B Course, coming in first place with only 10 marks lost. Second place was Paul Wearmouth (Montesa) on 26 marks, followed by Andy Kearton (Montesa) on 31 marks lost.

The riders in the Youth B Class did exceptionally well to get round a challenging trial; Josh Dent (Beta), riding up from his usual place in the C Class, took the lead with 140 marks lost. Josh Thwaite (TRRS) came in second on 145 marks lost and Alfie Astwood, also riding up from C Class, was third on 151 marks lost.

Richmond Motor Club would like to thank all of the observers, the landowners, clerk of course and assistants, secretary, caterers and everybody else involved in the running of the trial.


Hard Course (Overall): 

  1. Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 20, 2. Rob Waite (Beta) 25, 3. Jack Stones (Vertigo) 28

Hard Course: Expert: 1. Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 20, 2. Rob Waite (Beta) 25

Hard Course: Intermediate: 1. Jack Stones (Vertigo) 28

Hard Course: Novice: 1. Harry Mugridge (GASGAS) 72, 2. Will Peacock (GASGAS) 91

Youth A Hard: 1. Callum Fowler (Beta) 72, 2. Harry Blackwell (Beta) 90, 3. Arran Sherwin (Beta) 128

Clubman A (Green):

  1. Martyn Alderson (Beta) 23, 2. Darren Gill (Vertigo) 28, 3. Paul Hayward (Electric Motion) 29

Clubman A – Youth (Green):

  1. George Hird (Sherco) 41, 2. Jack Vasey (Beta) 46, 3. Charlie Astwood (Sherco) 59

Clubman B – Overall:

  1. Adrian Harrison (TRRS) 10, 2. Paul Wearmouth (Montesa) 26, 3. Andy Kearton (Montesa) 31

Clubman B: 1. Paul Wearmouth (Montesa) 26, 2. Andy Kearton (Montesa) 31, 3. Glenn Hanslip (Sherco) 74

Clubman B – Over 40: 1. Adrian Harrison (TRRS) 10, 2. Leigh Smith (TRRS) 33, 3. Darren Fowler (Beta) 64

Clubman B – Twinshock: 1. John Maxfield (BSA) 66, 2. Stephen Dennis (Honda) 79, 3. Andrew Dean (BSA) 123

Youth B Class: 1. Josh Dent (Beta) 140, 2. Joel Thwaite (TRRS) 145, 3. Alfie Astwood (Beta) 151