Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society auditions for new production

Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society is auditioning for parts in their summer 2022 production of Stepping Out by Richard Harris.

The society had originally planned for the production to be performed in 2020 but due to restrictions had to postpone the performances.

“It was very disappointing,” said director Lynne Kerr.

“The cast started tap lessons for this production back in 2019 and have put a large amount of time and effort into learning the dances.

“Unfortunately due to two of our cast members being unavailable in 2022 we now need to recast those parts.”

Stepping Out follows a group of women and one man who attend a weekly tap dancing class in a church hall ready for their performance at a charity gala.

RADS are looking to cast:

Mavis (Playing age 30s-40s) Mavis is the dance teacher and ideally will be a competent tap dancer. She is a warm character with a likeable personality – patient and encouraging – although under stress she displays a flash of temper. She does have a short dance solo, which can be tap, but not necessarily.

Geoffrey (Playing age 40+) is quiet and self-contained, with an air of sadness about him. As the only man in the class he usually tolerates the women’s banter – but not always! He will need to tap – or learn to tap – but he does not need to excel at it!

Those auditioning for Mavis will be expected to perform a short tap routine.

Please contact Lynne at to express interest, and receive a slow demo of a simple tap routine which you will be asked to perform at a reasonable speed.

Please bring tap shoes, if you have them, but hard soled shoes such as character shoes will suffice.

For Geoffrey – no need to tap, as long as you’re prepared to pick up the basics at rehearsals.

Auditions are to be held on Monday, September 27 at the RADS clubrooms on Castle Hill in Richmond, at 7pm for Geoffrey, and 7.30pm for Mavis.

Once cast, tap rehearsals will be held early 2022, and play rehearsals – two a week –will start in April.

For further info please contact Lynne Kerr on

Stepping Out performs at the Georgian Theatre Royal on the July 28 to 30 and August 3 to 6, 2022.