Richmond author explores town’s past as part of 950th anniversary celebrations

Author Rob Flint.

A Richmond author is helping explore the town’s past as it celebrates its 950th anniversary

Richmond celebrates its 950th anniversary this year.

In 1071, the castle and medieval town slowly grew out of the ashes of a period of rebellion, resistance and repression known as The Harrying of The North.

This tumultuous time in Richmond’s history is explored by Rod Flint, a Richmond author and descendent of Earl Gospatrick, who was one of the leaders of that disastrous rebellion.

His Harrying of the North series of books explores the social upheaval of that period in a fast-flowing historical adventure.

Rod said: “I’ve long been fascinated with early medieval history and wanted to write a story about that period and weave it around where I live and the roots of my family history.

“I used my principal characters, a young woman and a young man, to tell a tale of intrigue and heroism around the very difficult times that followed the Norman invasion of the North.

Rod continued, “I’ve used real places and events to create a story that I hope captures the imagination of everyone with an interest in the history of their town and inspires them to join in the 950th anniversary celebrations.

“The books which explore the events of the years 1070, 1071, 1072 and 1092 are available from Castle Hill Bookshop, or you can read more at”

In February, Rod gave a talk on the Harrying of the North to members of the Richmond and District Civic Society who have developed this year’s talks around Celebrate Richmond 950.

Rod’s talk along with others can be viewed on the Civic Society web site.

John McDonald, chairman of the Richmond and District Civic Society said: “Richmond has a remarkable history and 2021 provides a unique opportunity for everyone to get involved in celebrating their town and enjoy all that this year has to offer residents and visitors.

“Now that Covid 19 restrictions are beginning to ease we are looking forward to the many events that have been organised for this year’s celebration in the town and the Castle for our wide community of residents and visitors. Do join in – I know that you will enjoy it.”

The Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association has co-ordinated over 70 events for celebrate Richmond 950 supported by the Richmondshire District Council, Richmond Town Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Richmond Rotary Club, Richmond and District Civic Society and English Heritage.

More details of Richmond 950 can be found on their website at:

Please go to and click on ‘Programme 2021’ to access this year’s Civic Society talks.