Richmond badminton player reaches UK top 100

A young badminton player has achieved top 100 ranking in the United Kingdom.

Tom MacRae, 17, from Richmond, who attends Richmond School and Sixth Form College, has already reached an elite level that now puts him in the top 100 adults in the country.

Tom started playing badminton when he was seven and quickly demonstrated great potential, passion and skill for the game.

He has played for Yorkshire for eight years and is a key member of the squad.

Tom trains five times each week, three sessions with the Badminton Academy in Middlesbrough who he has been with since he was nine, and a further two times with his Dad.

Tom regularly competes all over the country playing singles and men’s doubles.

It was after playing in the recent senior national final that his ranking was boosted into the top 100.

Tom has also travelled across Europe to play in competitions in Austria, Germany and Malta. He has even competed against the Slovakian national team.

Tom said: “I am thrilled to have reached the top 100 adult players nationally and am now focusing on a good senior career and improving my ranking.”

Lesley Abbey, lead teacher of PE, said: “Tom’s dedication and drive to refine his game is admirable.

“Playing singles and doubles demonstrates both his independence and teamwork skills, a true sportsman who is achieving great things in badminton.

“I have no doubt that we will see Tom quickly rise up the rankings.”