Richmond business donates percentage of profits to Moroccan earthquake appeal

Seller's wares in the Marrakech Souks before the earthquake.

Richmond business Berber Leather is to donate 20 per cent of their profits made in September to the Red Cross to aid those affected by the devastating earthquake in Morocco.

The company sources much of its products from the north African country.

“95 per cent of the products we sell are sourced from Morocco,” said Berber Leather owner Beki Stevenson.

“Our company has worked closely over the past 8 years with local artisans from Fez and Marrakech to produce all the products we sell.

“These suppliers aren’t faceless factories they are small family-based businesses that we have got to know on such a personal level over the years, and to see the devastation that has hit the area is incredibly upsetting. We are doing what we can to help.”

Berber Leather’s name is a nod to its Moroccan roots, taking inspiration from the indigenous Berber tribes of north Africa, who have lived in the area since before 2000BCE.

The Berbers were known for their handicrafts including weaving, jewellery and leatherwork.

“We will be donating 20% of our profits from all sales in our Richmond shop and on our website during September to the Red Cross, specifically their Morocco Earthquake Appeal,” said Beki.

“If anyone also wants to donate to the Red Cross through us, please call into our Shop at 4 Trinity Church Square, Richmond in the next few weeks.”

Over 2,800 people have been killed and over 300,000 people have been affected by the 6.8 magnitude earthquake.

Most of these are in rural communities that are now desperate for basic food and water supplies as well as needing shelter.

Many of the villages have not only lost their homes but also their livelihoods such as grain stores and cattle, and the support that they need to survive is long-term, not short.

More information about what the Red Cross is doing to aid those affected can be found on their website

Berber Leather is run by father-daughter team Beki Stevenson and Paul Harrison. All their ranges are available to purchase at their Richmond Shop at 4 Trinity Church Square or online at