Richmond businesses call for market place parking review

A delivery being dragged across the cobbles.

Business leaders in Richmond have called for a review of parking arrangements in the middle of Richmond market place.

The Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association (ORBTA) says the request follows numerous arguments between the businesses, their delivery vehicle drivers and traffic wardens.

There are no loading bays for the businesses in the middle of the market place, which houses the Green Howards Museum, Day Lewis Chemists, Johnson’s Dry Cleaners and a number of smaller businesses.

However, ORBTA says this part of the market place hosts 12 taxi ranks, which are often empty and delivery vans have been using them to drop off and deliver.

A number have received tickets as a result.

They have been told to use the delivery bay at the opposite side of the market place, which requires them to carry or transport their deliveries and collections across the cobbles.

ORBTA, the business association, has highlighted the problems that this creates both for the local businesses and their delivery companies, and is asking for three ranks to be replaced by a delivery bay and more disabled parking.

There is also only one disabled parking space in the middle and it is usually occupied, so ORBTA is also asking for this to be addressed

They have received support from County Councillor, Stuart Parsons.

ORBTA chair, Paul Harrison, said: “These arrangements have been in place for some time, but needs change and they no longer address business needs.

“We have a chemist, which receives several deliveries a day, and Johnson’s Dry Cleaners is the base for DPD and UPS, which has numerous collections on a daily basis.

“Additionally, it is difficult for people with mobility problems to access these services.

“As a country we are often criticised for poor productivity, and yet we have a system in place that means that deliveries take 20 minutes or more rather than three to five minutes, wasting the time of both the local businesses and the delivery companies.

“The taxi ranks are significantly under-used and this is a simple solution to a problem. We are grateful to Stuart Parsons for his intervention and hope that the county council will respond positively.”