Richmond businesses to meet over coronavirus concerns

Members of Richmond Business and Tourism Association. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

Richmond businesses have been invited to a meeting to discuss the coronavirus epidemic later this week.

The event is being organised by the Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association.

Marcia McLuckie, chair of the group, said: “In view of the situation in Italy, Spain and France we have decided that we should hold an urgent meeting to make some advance plans to support our local businesses and our local residents, should the situation in Britain with regard to coronavirus escalate to a similar level.

“Please join us at the Town Hall, 6pm this Wednesday, March 18 for an open discussion about how we might be able to deal with enforced or voluntary isolation.

“Bring your ideas – however wacky, don’t be shy – and let’s try to formulate a plan that will get food to those who can’t get out and help keep all small businesses viable.”

Marcia said that while this was an ORBTA arranged meeting, businesses should tell their business neighbours and others you know who are not members, as they would be very welcome to attend.