Richmond businesswoman launches personal life coaching programme

Judith Wardell launches her Time of Your Life programme.

A Richmond businesswoman has been inspired by her own experience of a midlife crisis to develop a personal coaching programme that helps people work out what’s next.

Judith Wardell’s Time of Your Life is a three-step programme designed to help busy people take time out to reflect on what is important, to explore the options and create a plan for the important third stage of life.

Judith said: “My mid 50s felt like a rollercoaster of change.

“I had been running my own training business for nearly 20 years. I enjoyed it but started to feel bored and stuck in a routine.

“I saw friends struggling with the empty nest syndrome as children left home and roles and relationships began to change. We all had elderly parents who needed more support and menopause symptoms started to kick in.

“I knew I was not ready to retire in the traditional way, but wanted to work differently and find time to discover my talents and find a real sense of purpose.

“There seemed to be nothing available to help me work out what I should do with the next stage of my life. I decided to use my experience in human resources and skills as a coach to design something that could help others like me to find a new path in life.”

Through her HR consultancy work, Judith said she also become aware of the issues facing an ageing population and the baby boomer generation.

Life expectancy in the UK has increased by more than 30 years in the 20th century and the number of centenarians has increased by 35 per cent in just ten years.

The idea of living to the age of 100 is fast becoming a reality.

As well as living longer, people are ageing differently to previous generations. Lifestyle choices have been greater than ever before so traditional role models for midlife and retirement are no longer relevant.

“We are all living longer, and I feel strongly that we should celebrate these extra years, rather than see ageing as something to be frightened of.

“If you are going to live to be 100, then there is no point slogging away at a job you don’t enjoy for another 10 years or more.

“There is time to reinvent yourself and have a second career or set up a new business venture. Our age should not limit our potential or our imagination.”

Judith says her programme provides people with insights into their skills, personality and what gives them that all important sense of purpose.

The programme is designed around three steps that enable people to reflect, explore and create a meaningful plan.

The programme will be launched as a two-day workshop in the new year at Middleton Lodge Estate near Richmond.

The first workshop will be on 20 and 21 January with more dates throughout the year. Judith also works with individuals on a one to one basis and offers a special package for couples.

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