Richmond chocolate launches General Election Chocometer

Elizabeth Graves with the Chocometer.

Richmond chocolate shop Mocha has launched a General Election Chocometer as a unique way of measuring the support for the 13 candidates in the Prime Minister’s constituency of Richmond & Northallerton.

Mocha’s chocolatiers have created a special chocolate for each of the 13 candidates standing in the constituency featuring the parties’ logos.

The unique chocolates, decorated with the parties logos will be available for sale at Mocha’s two sites in Trinity Church Square in Richmond and at The Riding School Building on The Aske Estate just outside Richmond.

The chocolates cost £1 each with profits going to Herriot Hospice and progress will be tracked on the General Election Chocometer at each site, with the consolidated results being announced on Wednesday,  July 3, the day before the General Election.

The business is owned by Elizabeth Graves and was set up in partnership with her late husband Dennis in 2013.

She said: “Following on from the success of our previous Bunometer during previous elections, we are delighted the be launching our General Election Chocometer today. It’s an opportunity for our customers to show their support for their favourite candidate whilst also giving something back to the local community.

“Whilst General Elections are a serious matter, especially for those of us running small businesses and providing employment for local people, we hope that our General Election Chocometer will inject a little humour into the proceedings with our chocolate treats.”

The 13 candidates are:

  • Independent – Jason Barnett
  • Count Binface Party – Count Binface
  • Liberal Democrats – Daniel Callaghan
  • Independent – Angie Campion
  • Workers Party – Louise Dickens
  • Green – Kevin Foster
  • Yorkshire – Rio Goldhammer
  • Independent – Niko Omilana
  • Independent – Brian Richmond
  • Monster Raving Loony – Sir Archibald Stanton
  • Conservative – Rishi Sunak
  • Reform UK – Lee Taylor
  • Labour – Tom Wilson