Richmond chocolatiers to open new premises

The Mocha team.

A Richmond chocolatier and café is opening new premises.

Mocha is moving the production side of its business to the Riding School building on the Aske Estate, between Richmond and Gilling West.

The new premises will include all their chocolate manufacturing, as well as a new café serving coffee, cakes, sandwiches and hot meals to eat in or take away.

Fit-out is underway in the new facility and the opening date has been confirmed as Monday, March 28.

The business is owned by Elizabeth Graves and was set up in partnership with her late husband Dennis.

Elizabeth and Dennis opened Mocha in Trinity Church Square in 2013.

Most of Mocha’s chocolates were originally sourced from Belgium with a small number created and handmade by Dennis in a tiny studio inside Mocha’s Richmond shop.

These few variations with their unusual combinations and strength of flavours probed popular with customers/

This prompted the couple to replace their bought in chocolates with a new range of handmade artisan chocolates, expanding to a larger chocolate studio on The Aske Estate in April 2021.

Mocha now makes over 60 different chocolates, and its success has driven the need for even larger premises.

Elizabeth said the large space at the Riding School would enable Mocha to run chocolate making events that could range from a couple of hours to more intensive multi-day courses.

Elizabeth said: “We are delighted to be expanding our little business to the Riding School on the Aske Estate where we will have a much larger chocolate studio – the Chocolate Den  to make our range of handmake artisan chocolates in and open our second café.

“I’ve never had to do oversee anything like this on my own before as when it came to project management it was always Dennis’ role.

“All of us at Mocha have been overwhelmed with the support that we have received from The Aske Estate and our friends and customers in Richmond – and my team has been so supportive of our plans.

“Mocha continues to go from strength to strength. You can’t help but be positive and my team are amazing. When Den and I moved to Richmond it was just the two of us working in the shop offering takeaways and retail.

“We now have 18 people working for Mocha – how did that happen?”