Richmond Christmas skating rink hit by scammers

Organisers of Richmond’s Christmas market have warned the public that scammers are trying to make money from the event.

Volunteers are urging residents not to buy tickets for the skating on December 4 from anyone other than official sources without checking with event organisers first.

It comes after a number of fake Facebook accounts were set up claiming to be reselling tickets.

A spokesperson for the organising committee said: “We have become aware that there are numerous fake accounts on this page now claiming to be reselling tickets, when they haven’t actually got any tickets to sell.

“If anyone has bought tickets off someone else can you please let us know asap so we can check if it is genuine.

“Also if anyone has paid over the asking price, please let us know about this asap also.”

Tickets for the event have now sold out, including 125 extra tickets released yesterday which sold in just 40 minutes.