Richmond churchgoers return from Uganda charity trip

Twelve members of Influence Church in Richmond have returned from Uganda where they worked with the charity Compassion UK.

Compassion works with families who are living in extreme poverty across the globe.

Through the provision of pre and post-natal care, nutrition, vaccinations plus critical support and training for mums, they help to give the world’s poorest children the best start in life.

The team got to see first-hand 70 of the 100 children that members of Influence Church sponsor each month.

Because of their giving through Compassion, these children now all  have access to daily meals, family support and, most importantly, health care. Healthcare that has transformed children like Yudaya’s life.

Yudaya with her mother and team member Beth Wallace.

Last year, Yudaya’s mother was close to death due to HIV. She explained to the team that she had prayed she would die as life had become too difficult. She could no longer walk as she was so weak.

Thankfully, a Richmond family sponsored Yudaya, Through this sponsorship, her mother has received a course of anti virals medication, is learning to read and write and is now able to work to provide for her family. Yudaya is also thriving.

Richard McGuinness, associate pastor and trip leader said: “At Influence Church we are committed to making a difference.

“Sometimes that looks like a food bank and job club on our own doorstep, but it also includes helping those who have no other chance.

“They literally can’t pull themselves out of their situations, but through a small amount of money each month we can change that.”

If you would like to hear more about the work of Compassion UK and child sponsorship, National Leader for the charity, Tim Robertson is giving a presentation this Sunday, April 7, at 11am at Influence Church, Richmond.

Some of the team will also be sharing their own stories and experiences. There is no need to be a part of the church to sponsor a child –  it is open to anyone who would like to be involved.