Richmond company makes donation to help Indian Covid-19 sufferers

Richmond online retailer Yolo has made a donation to help sufferers of Covid-19 in India.

The firm and its parent company  Hakim Group donated £2,608.03 to the British Asian Trust’s Oxygen for India appeal.

The money will go towards providing oxygen to 2,080 patients struggling with Covid-19.

The trust is raising £2m in its emergency appeal to help secure crucial supplies to hospitals and patients around India in partnership with the India and UK Government.

Chief executive of the British Asian Trust, Richard Hawkes, said: “We want to say a huge thank you to Yolo and The Hakim Group for this very generous donation.

“With Yolo and The Hakim Group’s support, we have been able to supply six more oxygen concentrators to the areas of highest need in India, helping to save many more lives.”

“Like most online business we have seen record growth and wanted to do something to give back. We have close friends, partners and suppliers in India, so this was a cause close to our heart. ” says Founder Scott Woodhead.

Last year Yolo raised £5390.00 towards the Save the Children Covid Appeal and are in the process of seeing up their own charity, The YOLO Foundation.