Richmond couple spreading the love by dancing the salsa

A couple are hoping to spread some love during the lockdown by using their daily exercise to dance the salsa in deserted Richmond streets.

Dancing enthusiasts Jim Pearce and Sara Collins normally dance all over the country and are regulars at the Blackpopol Tower Ballroom.

However, the lockdown means this has had to stop.

Instead, the couple, who take lessons with Basically Salsa at the Charlotte Jacqueline School of Dance, are dancing in the street at night when there is nobody else about.

Guitar teacher Jim said: “We decided to do it as the dance world has pretty much gone into hibernation until this coronavirus thing is sorted.

“We love to dance and we believe that a lot of people feel the same. It’s a joyous thing and it’s good for your soul as well as your body

“We thought it might be an idea to share it with our Facebook friends and see if we could get people talking and aware of one another again and therefore realise that there’s an easy to access network should anyone be able to it need any help in the coming days and weeks.”

Jim said they had decided to dance in front of shops which are staying open to help those who are self-isolating or have had to shut to show them some support.

He added: “Most of all it’s just to try and bring something light and fun into everyone’s day.

“We’re asking people to fave a Laugh with us and when this is over comes and have a dance with us.”