Richmond dog daycare centre celebrates anniversary with charity event

Richmond-based CentreBarks dog daycare centre has marked its fifth anniversary by holding an all-day ‘trainathon’ to raise money for charity.

The centre was opened in 2016 by animal behaviourist Heather Stevens.

To celebrate the anniversary, the trainers completed a ten-hour non-stop training session with numerous dogs in aid of Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs.

The event raised almost £300 for the dog charity.

“It was mentally tiring for the trainers, but we had some really great dogs to help us throughout the day and it is such a worthwhile cause.” said Heather.

Situated on the Gallowfields Trading Estate, CentreBarks offers socialising, forest adventures, and day care for all dogs, irrespective of age and size.

Visits include indoor and outdoor activities and exercise, and training for mental stimulation and to promote confidence and life skills.

CentreBarks also offer grooming services.