Richmond families visit French twin town

Members of Richmond French Twinning Association have returned from a visit to the town’s French twin.

Richmond has been twinned with St Aubin du Cormier in Brittany for 20 years, with the castles in both towns built by the same family.

Reciprocal visits usually happen every two years.

Richmond should have hosted a visit to celebrate the town’s 950th anniversary, but due to covid travel restrictions this had to be cancelled.

A group of 15 Richmond residents however were able to visit Britany in July to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Castle of St Aubin and the 535th anniversary of the battle of St Aubin du Cormier.

Georgiana Sale, from the twinning association, said: “The focal point of the visit is to create personal relationships with our French friends.

“We do this by spending time together in each other’s homes finding out cultural differences and similarities.

“We were greeted at Nantes airport and welcomed in St Aubin by the twinning committee. A formal civic reception was hosted by the mayor, Jerome Begasse and members of the team. Presents were exchanged.”

Georgiana  added: “We stayed with families and had a marvellous time visiting Châteaux and the ancient Fougère castle.

“The food was marvellous. Other highlights included a community meal with entertainment by Breton dancers. Hosted by the mayor on Saturday night we were taken to a Une Spectacle.

“This was a Kynren- type re-enactment of the Battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier which took place in 1488, between the forces of King Charles VIII of France, and those of Francis II, Duke of Brittany, and his allies, which included English archers. The defeat of the Bretons there was the end of the separate state of Brittany.

French families are due to visit Richmond in 2025.

The twinning association is now looking to launch a French association in Richmond to brin together existing and new activities for Francophiles in the area.

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