Richmond leather business announces shop closure

The Berber Leather shop in Richmond.

Richmond business Berber Leather has announced plans to close its shop in the town’s Market Place.

The shop will close the doors on May 18, with the business set to move to the Gallowfields Trading Estate to focus on online and wholesale trade.

Berber Leather owner Beki Stevenson said: “There’s many factors that have led to the decision to close our shopfront.

“The main one being that we have outgrown the space we have at our current unit.

“However the face of retail has massively changed since opening 4 years ago and we do most of our business online now, so it makes sense for us to move to the trading estate to focus on that.”

Berber Leather was established in 2015 and began life as an exhibitor at markets and events such as The Great Yorkshire Show and The Royal Highland Show.

It opened the shop in Trinity Church Square in 2020.

Beki said that despite challenges such as the pandemic and cost of living crisis, the business had continued to expand its ranges while “maintaining their core ideals of selling ethically sourced leather goods from Morocco at affordable prices”.

“We are so grateful to everyone who has supported our business over the years.

“We appreciate every customer so much and their support has allowed us to grow. So often do I see locals to Richmond with one of our bags, which is just fantastic.

“I know it’s disappointing to see another shop close but the building has sold to new owners and we wish them the best of luck with what they decide to do with the space.”

Berber Leather will be having a shop closing sale from May 1.

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  1. Ethically sourced? All leather comes from an animal that has been deliberately slaughtered.

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