Richmond Live organisers say show will go on despite flooding

The Batts earlier this week. Image: Richmond Live.

The organisers of this weekend’s Richmond Live say the event will not be cancelled despite flooding on the site of the festival.

Heavy rain in the Dales on Tuesday caused the River Swale to flow over the Batts in Richmond where the music event will be held.

Despite organisers moving equipment to higher ground, fencing and tents were left submerged in water.

However, organisers say improved weather forecasts for the next few days mean the show will go ahead as planned.

They have urged local music lovers to support the event as normal.

In a post on social media, they said: “For anyone thinking that’s tonight’s events could lead to a cancellation – that’s not happening.

“We’ve had this before and we’ll have it again and we always persevere because we care and we know how the river works here.

“The forecast from Thursday to Saturday is good and we’ll be putting on our festival and it’ll be ‘reet.

“The river will be where it should be tomorrow and we’ll all be happy again. Please support us because we do this for the town.”

Volunteers say they will be back on the field at 7am on Wednesday to continue preparations for the festival.

This year’s headliners are chart toppers the Lightening Seeds.

A host of other popular local bands are booked to play.

For more details and to book click here.

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  1. Having beeb born and bred in Richmond, I was so very sorry to read of the flash flooding devastation in Swaledale and Wensleydale. I was indeed relieved that there were no fatalities and can only hope that the livestock escaped without harm. For those who have suffered loss of possessions and damage to homes, together with those who have to work to clear and repair the damaged infrastructure, I wish them all the very best..

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