Richmond mayor to ask for extra police patrols on Batts after litter and drinking

Photo: Eddy Hope.

The mayor of Richmond says the police will be asked to increase patrols of the Batts after problems with litter, fires and drinking.

The warm weather prompted groups of people to head to the area besides the River Swale on Saturday.

However, visitors to the Batts on Sunday morning found the areas littered with drinks bottles and cans, plastic bags and food packaging.

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Fires had also been lit, scorching the grass and causing further mess.

Richmond mayor Stuart Parsons said the police would be asked to step up patrols on the Batts when it was warm this summer in a bid to tackle the problem.

Photo: Eddy Hope.

He added: “It seems that when the weather is warmer there is a minority that likes to don their shorts and head with alcohol to the Batts.

“What was surprising was the number of young people seemingly underage who were parading down with alcohol.

“Police apparently have the power to pour alcohol away if its being drunk by those underage.”

Cllr Parsons said he would be asking the district council to check that shops in the town selling alcohol were abiding by the rules.

He said it was still an offence for people aged over 18 to buy alcohol for those underage.

Cllr Parsons said the district council’s street cleaning team were aware of the problem of littering on the Batts and did a great job cleaning up the mess.

Photo: Eddy Hope.
Photo: Eddy Hope.


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  1. Let’s hope something can be done to deter these mindless morons. I was so angry when I saw the mess on Saturday evening. Groups of young people drinking (most looked underage). I was tempted to say something but you would only get a load of abuse back. What gives these people the right to spoilt the beauty of this area? I’m all for having fun but just not at the expense of the tax paying public!

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