Richmond Motor Club holds first two trials of season

A cheque of £400 was donated to Swaledale Mountain Rescue on behalf of Richmond Motor Club by landowner Lawrence Allison.

Richard Sadler took the win at the first two Richmond Motor Club trials of the season this month, starting with the Harold Graham Memorial Trial on Sunday, February 18.

The trial was three laps of 12 sections in becks and wooded areas at Cogden Hall, Grinton.

A few damp days and cold weather didn’t stop over 130 riders turning out on the day, including 16 young up-and-coming riders on the conducted course.

A cheque of £400 was donated to Swaledale Mountain Rescue on behalf of Richmond Motor Club by the trial’s landowner Lawrence Allison.

The money was raised at RMC’s annual Landowners’ Dinner in December.

Richmond Motor Club relies heavily on the support of Swaledale Mountain Rescue at bigger trials such as the Mintex Youth Time & Observation Trial, and the Scott Trial.

On the Hard Course, Richard Sadler (Vertigo) took a convincing lead, dropping just four marks. Guy Kendrew (Beta) came in second, losing nine marks and Tom Middleton (Vertigo) rounded off the top three with 20 marks lost. Jack Vasey (Beta) was the only A Class Youth rider who tackled the Hard Course, finishing with 116 marks lost.

Andrew Lishman (Montesa) took the win on the Clubman A (Green) Course with 33 marks lost, very closely followed by Tom Rennison (GASGAS) on 34 marks lost. Martyn Alderson (Beta) came in third, losing 44 marks.

On the Youth Green Course, Charlie Astwood (Sherco) led the way, dropping 49 marks. George Hird (Vertigo) followed in second with 59 marks lost, and Jamie Walton (Beta) was third, losing 73 marks.

The Over 40s stormed the Clubman B Route, with the top three overall Clubman Course winners also being in the Over 40 Class.

It was all to play for, with the top three finishing with just points between them; Paul Wearmouth (TRRS) led with just eight marks lost, followed closely by Allan Richardson (TRRS) on 9 marks, with Adrian Harrison (Sherco) just behind on 10 marks lost. 1st place in the Twinshock Class was Paul Dennis (BSA), who showed the modern bikes how it was done, losing just 16 marks and coming in 10th position overall in the Clubman Class.

The Youth A Class saw Bobbie Pulman (Beta) win on 79 marks lost. Josh Dent (Beta) led the Youth B Class with an impressive score of just 31 marks, with Bailey Huntbach (Beta) in second on 79 marks and Jamie Dent (Beta) on 110 marks lost.

The Youth C Class riders did exceptionally well on the Main Course, with an easy out deviation. Matthew Walton (Beta) led the C Class on 55 marks. George Rennison (Beta) with 106 marks, and Isaac Tiplady (Oset) with 117 marks lost finished off the top three.

On the Conducted Course in the D Class, Rocco Watson (TRRS) won on an impressive nine marks lost, followed by Sid Bainbridge (Oset) on 19 marks, and Wiflred Fawcett (Oset) on 40 marks.

The following week, on Sunday, February 25, Sadler took the win again at the Dick Horner Memorial Trial, held just outside of Leyburn.

A week of rain meant the Start Field was changed at the last minute from Wensley up to just outside of Leyburn to avoid waterlogged parking ground, but keeping the core sections. A frosty start to the day soon turned into a pleasantly sunny day, although the observers and spectators were still rather chilly!

Over 100 riders set off to tackle 3 laps of 12 sections on the Main Course, and it was also a good turn out for the Conducted Course, with 12 youngsters competing in smaller sections.

The muddy hill climb on the last section was no match for the Hard Course riders, with the majority of the Experts cleaning the section on each lap. The top three riders mirrored last week’s trial, with Sadler dropping 9 marks, Kendrew on 14 and Middleton on 36. Once again Jack Vasey (Beta) was the only Hard Course Youth rider, dropping 82 marks.

On the Clubman A “Green” Course, James Cameron (GASGAS) took the lead, dropping 27 marks, closely followed by Martyn Alderson (Beta) and Andrew Lishman (Montesa) on 29 and 32 marks respectively.

For the Youth Green Course, George Hird (Vertigo) had a convincing win, losing 37 marks. Jamie Walton (Beta) on 53 marks and Charlie Astwood (Sherco) on 56 marks battled it out for second and third.

The Over 40s once again led the Clubman B Route, with Paul Sadler (Vertigo) leading on 9 marks lost, and Tony Kaye (Sherco) and Colin Chapman (Beta) both finishing on 11 marks lost – Kaye just beating Chapman on most cleans.

The Youth Riders did well on the Main Course, with Joe Younghusband (Beta) finishing with an impressive 15 marks lost in the Youth A Class. In the Youth B Class, Aaron Oliver (Beta) was first on 23 marks lost. Josh Dent (Beta) on 31 marks and Matthew Hall (Scorpa) on 108 marks lost came in second and third place respectively.

The Youth C Class riders did well to ride the Clubman sections on the Main Route. Matthew Walton (Beta) won on 47 marks lost, then George Rennison (Beta) and Isaac Tiplady (Beta) finished in second and third on 102 and 123 marks lost.

The Youths on the Conducted Course enjoyed their day – Edward Gospel (Oset) did exceptionally well in the Youth D Class to go completely clean across 3 laps of 8 sections. Sid Bainbridge (Oset) only dropped 5 marks, and Francis Tiplady (Oset) just 6 marks, showing some very promising youth talent!

Ned Fawcett (Oset) was the only competitive Youth E Class rider, and finished with 67 marks lost.

Richmond Motor Club would like to say well done to all riders, and a huge thank you to all observers, landowners, Clerk of Courses and helpers, Secretary and everyone else involved in the running of both trials.


Harold Graham Memorial Trial Results:


Hard Course (Expert): 1. Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 4, 2. Guy Kendrew (Beta) 9, 3. Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 20

Hard Course (Intermediate): 1. Jack Stones (Vertigo) 35

Hard Course (Novice): 1. Matthew Maynard (Sherco) 35, 2. Callum Fowler (Beta) 55, 3. Josh Brown (Beta) 68

A Class Hard: 1. Jack Vasey (Beta) 116


Clubman A (Green): 1. Andrew Lishman (Montesa) 33, 2. Tom Rennison (GASGAS) 34, 3. Martyn Alderson (Beta) 44

Youth Green: 1. Charlie Astwood (Sherco) 49, 2. George Hird (Vertigo) 59, 3. Jamie Walton (Beta) 73


Clubman B:

Overall & Over 40 Class: 1. Paul Wearmouth (TRRS) 8, 2. Allan Richardson (TRRS) 9, 3. Adrian Harrison (Sherco) 10

CM: 1. Barry Chapman (Beta) 11, 2. Anthony Stephen (Beta) 13, 3. Ian Stephen (GASGAS) 14

Twinshock/Pre’65: 1. Paul Dennis (BSA) 16, 2. Joe Alderson (Royal Enfield) 31, 3. Stephen Watling (SWM) 62

Youth A: 1. Bobbie Pulman (Beta) 79

Youth B: 1. Josh Dent (Beta) 31, 2. Bailey Huntbach (Beta) 79, 3. Jamie Dent (Beta) 110

Youth C: 1. Matthew Walton (Beta) 55, 2. George Rennison (Beta) 106, 3. Isaac Tiplady (Oset) 117


Conducted Course:

Youth D:  1. Rocco Watson (TRRS) 9, 2. Sid Bainbridge (Oset) 19, 3. Wilfred Fawcett (Oset) 40

Non-Competitive: 1. Henry Avison (Beta) 18, 2. Ben Crinson (Oset) 38, 3. Toby Milburn (Oset) 67


Dick Horner Memorial Trial Results:


Hard Course (Expert): 1. Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 9, 2. Guy Kendrew (Beta) 14, 3. Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 36

Hard Course (Intermediate): 1. Ryan Brown (Beta) 42

Hard Course (Novice): 1. Callum Fowler (Beta) 53, 2. Harry Blackwell (Beta) 60, 3. Josh Brown (Beta) 61

A Class Hard: 1. Jack Vasey (Beta) 82


Clubman A (Green): 1. James Cameron (GASGAS) 27, 2. Martyn Alderson (Beta) 29, 3. Andrew Lishman (Montesa) 32

Youth Green: 1. George Hird (Vertigo) 37, Jamie Walton (Beta) 53, 3. Charlie Astwood (Sherco) 56


Clubman B:

Overall & Over 40 Class: 1. Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 9, 2. Tony Kaye (Sherco) 11, 3. Colin Chapman (Beta) 11

CM: 1. Stephen Clapham (Vertigo) 14, 2. Martin Jackson (Beta) 16, 3. Sam Lightowler (Montesa) 17

Youth A: 1. Joe Younghusband (Beta) 15

Youth B: 1. Aaron Oliver (Beta) 23, 2. Josh Dent (Beta) 31, 3. Matthew Hall (Scorpa) 108

Youth C: 1. Matthew Walton (Beta) 47, 2. George Rennison (Beta) 102, 3. Isaac Tiplady (Beta) 123


Conducted Course:

Youth C Non-Competitive: 1. Harry Mason (Beta) 21, 2. Rufus Orde-Powlett (Beta) 56

Youth D: 1. Edward Gospel (Oset) 0, 2. Sid Bainbridge (Oset) 5, 3. Francis Tiplady (Oset) 6

Youth E: 1. Ned Fawcett (Oset) 67