Richmond MP expected to back PM in Brexit vote

Rishi Sunak. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

Richmond MP Rishi Sunak is expected to back the Prime Minister’s Brexit proposal in tomorrow’s crucial vote in Parliament.

The MP has not spoken publicly about his intentions, however Richmondshire Today understand the Local Government Minister will support the Prime Minister.

A recent report by Sky News listed the politician as one of more than 300 MPs who it is thought will back the Brexit plan.

However, the analysis suggested almost 400 MPs were expected to vote against the exit deal.

Richmondshire Today has asked Mr Sunak for his views on the Brexit plan and his intentions for tomorrow’s vote, but has not yet had a response.

Mr Sunak campaigned in favour of Brexit in the run up to the referendum in June 2016.

The Richmond MP told the Yorkshire Post ahead of the vote that it pained him to go against the Prime Minister and his ‘illustrious predecessor’, Lord Hague, by campaigning to leave the EU.

However he said be believed the country will be “freer, fairer and more prosperous” if the public vote to leave.

Last year, in a piece for the website, the MP said it was imperative that the UK left the Customs Union.

Mr Sunak said that outside the Customs Union, Britain could regain control over its trade policy and use it to “turbo charge growth”.

MPs will vote on the proposed Brexit deal, agreed by the UK and the EU, on December 11.

If the deal is approved the UK will leave the EU on March 29 next year.

However, if as predicted the deal is rejected by MPs, there are a number of possibilities on what would happened next, including Britain’s no deal exit, a renegotiation with the EU or even another referendum.


  1. By his silence Rishi Sunak shows that he puts his career above his principles. (I also wrote to him on this & received no reply). The Withdrawal agreement includes all the points that he said was bad about a customs union in his conservativehome article. But he is willing to sacrifice those principles in order to hang on to his ministerial post. This man does not deserve to be MP for Richmond, which overwhelmingly voted to leave. He should resign now!

  2. He will have taken instruction on how to vote from his father-in-law who has a lot invested in the boy becoming influential in government. They won’t want to rock the boat and jeopardise his future rise to influence by holding any principled position. Just another useless MP who really is only good for the many photo ops he takes part in. Good job they would elect a donkey in North Yorkshire if it had a blue rosette or he might not of been elected without proving there was more to him than an ability to grin daftly in a photo.

  3. Looks like another turncoat, will not give the people what we voted for, only problem is that this is one of the safest Tory seats so we have no chance of outing him

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