Richmond MP Rishi Sunak backs Boris Johnson

Rishi Sunak has his blood pressure checked by Leyburn’s paramedic practitioner Pete Shaw

Rishi Sunak has come out in support of Boris Johnson to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

The Richmond MP is among three ministers who backed Mr Johnson in a joint statement issued last night.

Mr Sunak joined Robert Jenrick and Oliver Dowden in describing Johnson as a “One Nation Conservative”.

They added that they believed he had the ability to “inspire the country and revitalise our party” in a statement issued to The Times

In the piece, the MPs warned that their party faced an “existential threat”.

They said: “The three of us represent different parts of the country, voted Leave and Remain, and have different backgrounds. But we all believe the dangers that face our nation and our party are too grave and too imminent to take a chance.

“We need to ask ourselves who can not only confront, but defeat these twin threats. And if that’s the question, we believe there really is only one logical answer: Boris Johnson.”

They said he would have “both the mettle and the charisma to make progress at the negotiating table” in Brussels and “galvanise the nation behind the deal that is struck”.

Stating that “One Nation values are our values and Boris Johnson’s”, they added: “Boris is a proven winner and leader with a record of achievement.”



  1. Boris Johnson also has a very tenuous relation with the truth. On the day of the local elections he tweeted that he’d been out to cast his vote. He deleted the tweet when it was pointed out that there weren’t any elections in London. That’s just one of the smaller mistakes he’s made. Does anyone remember his bridge over the Thames which cost over £60 million despite the fact that it was never built?

  2. If Boris, where to, become Prime Minister I will never vote Conservative again I am 80 years old and have always been a Tory supporter. IT BE LIKE GIVING A MONKEY A MACHINE GUN.

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