Richmond MP urges eligible constituents to get free flu jab

Rishi Sunak MP gets his flu jab at Boots pharmacy, Richmond, from pharmacist James Usmar.

Richmond MP Rishi Sunak has urged eligible constituents to ensure they have a flu jab this winter.

With winter looming, the free vaccinations are available at community pharmacies to those who qualify – the over 65s, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions such as asthma and diabetes

Mr Sunak visited Boots Pharmacy in Richmond to find out more about the national pharmacy flu vaccination service.

He was told by pharmacist James Usmar that the vaccinations are given by trained staff and no appointment is necessary.

Mr Usmar said: “The NHS community pharmacy flu vaccination service is a great opportunity for more ‘at risk’ people to have their vaccination, protecting them during the winter.

“We vaccinated record numbers last year and are expecting to exceed that number this year. Community pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare locations and this service makes it easier than ever for you to get vaccinated without the need for an appointment.

“We also offer a private flu vaccination service for those who are not eligible for a free NHS flu jab.”

After paying for and receiving his flu jab, Mr Sunak said: “This is an excellent service and so accessible, with no appointments required. It’s easy and very quick. I urge all my constituents who are eligible for a free flu jab to ensure they have one.”

Mr Usmar said the vaccination was also available to those not in the eligible categories at a cost of £12.99.

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  1. Disappointing to see Rishi selling out to a highly corrupt industry like this, he clearly cannot be trusted, won’t be getting my vote.

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