Richmond museum celebrates Great Escape anniversary

D’arcy Mander served with The Green Howards in the Second World War. He escaped a PoW camp and became a spy in occupied Rome.

The Green Howards Museum in Richmond will mark the 60th anniversary of classic war film The Great Escape this month as part of its own 50th anniversary celebrations.

The museum is joining with The Station Cinema to offer a private view of their Great Escapes special exhibition, plus a screening of The Great Escape on Sunday, June 18 from 3.30pm and on Tuesday and Thursday, June 20 and 22 from 5pm.

“Our special exhibition focusses on the predicament faced by soldiers in captivity during the Second World War and explores a rich history of daring feats, escape and evasion, the kindness of strangers, personal sacrifice, split-second decision making, fighting retreats and real-life survival by the skin of your teeth,” said the museum’s head of collections, Zoë Utley.

“At the private view, you’ll hear how we put an exhibition like this together, the choices we make about the objects on display and how we present them. We’ll also share some of our own favourite escape stories, uncovered during our research.”

Next, it’s off to The Station Cinema – no tunnelling required, to watch Steve McQueen and his pals relying on Tom, Dick and Harry to spirit them out of captivity and onward to freedom.

“We’re so pleased to be working with The Green Howards Museum to link such a great film with a fabulous exhibition right on the doorstep,” said Dan Westgarth, general manager at The Station Cinema.

“We will be showing the original 1963 version of The Great Escape for these special events, complete with interval for ultimate authenticity.”

Tickets are £13 and are only available from the museum.

Booking essential. Call 01748 826561 or click here for more information.