Richmond museum launches new book

Green Howards Museum’s collections assistant Zoe Utley with the books.

After a painstaking selection process, months of debate  over what to include, research, editing and photography, the Green Howards Museum has launched a new book.

Fifty objects from the museum’s collection have each been given a page to tell their story; an intensely personal possession, a groundbreaking piece of technology or a historically poignant memento – all take their place throughout this gorgeous publication.

From caltrops to carpets, bandoliers to pincushions and train tickets – you’ll gain a great glimpse of our amazing collection.

“It’s been a real labour of love to assemble this publication,” says museum curator and director, Lynda Powell.

“With tens of thousands of items in the museum collection, it’s been an interesting process.

“The images are amazing and we’ve purposely included a really diverse and eclectic mix of objects – some you can see on display in the museum, but many of which are held within our archives.  It’s a lovely reminder of the rich history we hold in our care.”

The book costs £5 and is available now from the gift shop and the museum’s online store.