Richmond museum offers discounted entry until Thursday

The Medal Room at the Green Howards Museum. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

Admission to the Green Howards Museum has been reduced to £5 per person until Thursday.

It’s exhibition changeover week this week which means that between today and Thursday, the museum’s ground floor galleries will be in a state of flux as preparations for new special exhibition, Great Escapes, take shape.

The permanent display galleries, the Medal Room and Normanby Room on the upper two floors of the museum remain available for museum visitors to enjoy.

“Great Escapes is shaping up to be another fabulous offering for visitors to the museum,” said director and curator, Lynda Powell.

““These fours days are used to carefully remove the old exhibition and assemble the objects and interpretation for the new displays.

“With some of the space in slight disarray, we want to offer a discount to visitors, but also whet their appetites for what’s to come and hopefully encourage a repeat visit.”

As well as discounted entry, each adult admission between Monday and Thursday will receive a grand draw ticket, offering a chance to win prizes as part of the museum’s 50th anniversary.

The Great Escapes exhibition runs from Friday 21 April.