Richmond museum to run family history drop-in day

The Green Howards Museum.
The Green Howards Museum will run a family history drop-in session later this month.

Visitors can get their family history research started with help from the museum’s resident expert, Steve Erskine.

A museum spokesperson said: “At this special drop-in day, simply visit the the museum to find out how to learn more about your service relative.

“If you’ve always wondered about exactly how to go about understanding service records, using family history research resources and deciphering official paperwork, we’re here to guide you through.

“Perhaps you’ve already started the process and have come to a dead-end, or maybe you’ve finally decided to go through those documents from the loft, we are here to help.”

The session will take place on Saturday, march 16 from 10am to 3pm.

There is no additional charge for this drop-in service, although you will need to pay museum admission on the day of the event.