Richmond museum visitors invited to tell connection to town on typewriter

Richmondshire Museum is inviting people to come and tell their connection to Richmond… on a typewriter.

The idea is part of the celebrations for Richmond’s 950th anniversary of the commissioning of Richmond Castle by Alan Rufus.

Marcia McLuckie, from the 950 organising committee, said: “The museum has two original late 1800s and early 1900s typewriters, some gorgeous paper and two sets of seal making equipment set out in their study centre.

“The typewriters are ready and waiting with ribbons threaded for visitors to type up their stories.

“What brought them to Richmond? How did they end up living here?

“Maybe they were born here, as were their parents and their parents before them.

“Or, did they move here for work or to be near family? Or have they come to retire, to enjoy the history, beauty and tranquillity of our lovely market town?”

Visitors are invited to type up their journey to Richmond to add to the living collection being created within the museum.

Curator Zoe Johnson and museum volunteers have cleaned up the typewriters and got them into good working order.

Zoe said: “We hope to continue adding to the stories of Richmond and its people so that it grows and evolves with the town it is based around.

“We hope this will lead to interesting stories of migration and family bonds.”

Organisers say more mature visitors can brush up their typewriting skills or younger biographers may like to try their hand for the first time and find out about sticking keys, tangling ribbons and unalterable mistakes.

Find out more about Richmond and its history at Richmondshire Museum, Ryders Wynd, Richmond.

Open Monday to Saturday until October 31, from 10.30am until 4,30pm, with last admission at 4pm.

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