Richmond nursery partners with new catering company

Staff member Becky Smith with Betsy and Rocco.

A Richmond nursery has partnered with a new catering company to offer meals cooked on site for its children all day.

Rooftops Nursery School is working with Apetito to provide hot meals all year round to help parents.

Previously hot meals were provided by a local school doing term-time only.

This move means children will receive a cooked hot lunch and their lunch, snacks and tea will be part of the daily nursery fee.

In addition, and in response to demand, opening hours have been extended by an hour with a 7.30am start and a later close time of 6.30pm.

Owner Hannah Hurley said she was happy with the response from parents and hopes these changes will continue to provide the added flexibility to suit working parents:

“We are always trying to improve our service based on our parents needs; longer hours and meals were important to our parents and we’re so glad these changes have gone down well.”

“I remember as a working mum myself, trying to feed a sleepy child at 6pm, so this way parents get to spend quality time with their little one when they collect them instead of worrying about feeding them when they have just got home from work.”

The nursery is now open five days a week again following their part-time reopening in July.

Hannah added: “All our staff are fantastic, most have been with me since I took over the nursery seven years ago and they are all very experienced in all aspects of childcare, I couldn’t wish for a better team.”