Richmond poet produces booklet

Peter Richardson, aka Rantin' Richie.

A Richmond poet has produced a booklet featuring his work.

Peter Richardson, aka Rantin’ Richie, will launch From Wandsworth to Wordsworth next month.

He said: “I’ve been doing poetry for 30 years and have always done live stand up and never brought out CDs, books etc.

“The books title is a homage from my journey from being a bad lad in my teenage years to mid 30s and being in prison and then putting that anger into poetry instead of fighting.

“I in no way consider myself a modern day Wordsworth, but with poems like The Mighty Backbone of England I do like to complement Northern culture.”
The booklet is split into two with first half features monologue-type poetry from the last few years.

Peter added: “The second part features examples of my ranting poetry from when I started.

“The book also features an email from poet laureate Simon Armitage, who stumbled upon me performing at Tan Hill, and a rejection letter from a publisher, hence why I am self -publishing.”

Peter said the booklet was for adults “with any colourful language part of the armoury of performing”.

He added: “I’m most proud of my recent writing, although the anarchic sweary earlier ranting poems are a great example of a period in modern poetry which replicated punk in its DIY philosophy.”

Peter will be performing work from the booklet this Saturday at Black Light Engine Room in Middlesbrough and has another gig scheduled in York at Fibbers with O’Connell and Love, featuring Alabama 3 front man Rob Spragg.

The booklet will be launched at Sip in King Street, Richmond, on October 27 from 7pm to 9pm with limied editions and t-shirts available.