Richmond police rescue dog from car on hottest day of year

A dog being rescued this week from a car in York. Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

Police in Richmond rescued a dog from a car on the hottest day of the year this week.

Officers were called out yesterday to reports that a dog had been in a vehicle for two hours.

The window had been left ajar however police were still concerned for the animal’s safety.

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Police were able to free the dog which was released unharmed.

The force says the RSPCA has been informed and is investigating.

The animal charity says that nationally it has received more than 600 emergency calls in the last two weeks about dogs suffering in the current heatwave.

The animal charity is urging dog owners not to leave their pets shut in hot cars, warning that temperatures inside can reach deadly levels in just minutes.

The warning comes just days after police in York were forced to smash the windows of a car to rescue two dogs trapped for more than half an hour in the heat.

On Monday alone the RSPCA was called 167 times – around one call every eight minutes.