Richmond responders appeal for volunteers and donations

Loo Morton, from Richmond Community First Responders, helps a patient.

Richmond’s new community responders group is looking for volunteers and sponsors for new equipment.

Richmond Community First Responders (CFR) completed three days of training in April.

This included training in immediate first aid, being able to attend and assist at medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, heart attacks, strokes, angina and asthma attacks.

The volunteers carry a kit bag, defibrillator and a mobile phone, which receives calls and text messages from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, enabling them to be deployed to an emergency scene attending sometimes before an ambulance.

The team have been working since May, taking the equipment and phone in shifts, whenever their lifestyles allow them time to be available to respond.

In this time they have responded to numerous calls, from falls, unconscious patients and patients in shock.

Loo Morton, from the group, said: “The team always has space for new volunteer CFR’s and particularly needs to expand with currently only five active responders.

“If you are interested please do get in touch.”

Some funding is available to Community First Responders, but the Richmond Team is looking for sponsors to buy new pieces of equipment to use on duty and for training purposes.

If you would be interested in donating, or would like any further information contact Lee Whitworth, Richmond CFR coordinator, on