Richmond road to shut for three weeks for resurfacing

A road in Richmond is to shut for three weeks for resurfacing work.

Cravengate is due to be shut from Monday until march 17 on weekdays.

The temporary closure is for resurfacing and drainage work.

The road will be shut between the Victoria Road junction and the Yorke Close car park.

Traffic will be diverted via Bargate and the town centre.

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  1. I do hope they DO NOT put those speed humps back.

    This would encourage people to use the ring road and not take the smoother shortcut through the middle of the town.

  2. Please can you not replace the speed bumps as this means that I have to use bargate or the town centre which causes a nuisance for the residents and unnecessarily block’s the traffic in the market place.

  3. What about Darlington road, it’s an absolute disgrace. Bad enough in the car but try taking the bus

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