Richmond Rotary Club welcomes new president

Outgoing President David Stewart (left) and Incoming President Mac Bryant (right).

Richmond Rotary Club is celebrating the arrival of its new president Mac Bryant.

In addition to the usual handover ceremony at a dinner at Richmond Station, the outgoing President David Stewart met with Mac Bryant in the sunshine on the outskirts of Richmond.

The chain of office includes the names of past presidents dating back to 1954.

David said: “It has been a great pleasure being President of Richmond Rotary Club.

“Amongst many things during the year we have held our Best Kept Village contest, an art exhibition and schools technology tournament with other Rotary clubs.

“In addition, we have raised money through street collections for various emergencies.

“I welcome our new President Mac Bryant and wish him a happy and successful year.”

Taking up his role for the second time Mac Bryant emphasised his desire to enable the club to continue to thrive and develop its contributions to the local community.

Rotary Clubs like Richmond do an amazing job for their local communities, as well as giving members a great deal of fun and friendship. I plan to organise our business in a way that really encourages new people to join us.

“Developing our links with the community of Richmond will be especially important and I hope that we can inform more people about Rotary’s many achievements both locally and in other communities around the world.

“This year’s Rotary logo includes the message to ‘Create Hope in the World’ which seems especially important at this challenging time for our country.”