Richmond rough sleeper given Rescue Rucksack

Photo: Richmondshire police.

A Richmond rough sleeper has been given a ‘rescue rucks’ put together by two children.

The pack contains items including a sleeping bag, roll mat, wind-up torch, toiletries and food.

The rucksack was given to a rough sleep in Richmond last week by PCSOs Helen Sutherland and Nicole Randall.

They said: “To say he was pleased was an understatement.”

The rucksack was put together by two Middleton Tyas family.

Clare Baxter said her daughters Lottie Fish, 13, and ten-year-old Millie decided that 2019 would be their year to give something back.

“We wanted a project that would help and we thought of Rescue Rucksacks.

“The girls came up with a list of things they thought would be helpful to someone living on the streets. We made the page and set about promoting it.

“We obtained a large cash donation from the Tan Hill Inn which effectively bought the first five rucksacks and sleeping bags.

“The contents have been either donated or purchased with other cash donations.

“We wanted to start locally so got in touch with Richmondshire District Council. They identified one gentleman and he has received our first rucksack.”

Millie Fish with a rescue rucksack outside Richmondshire District Council offices.

A second pack has been reserved for a rough sleeper in Scorton and the family are waiting to hear from Darlington Council if they know of vulnerable people who could benefit from the scheme too.

Social media users say the authorities should ideally find the man a bed to sleep in rather than provide equipment for camping out.

But Richmondshire police say the man has been offered alternative arrangements in the past.

A spokesperson said: “North Yorkshire Police, Richmondshire District Council and other partner agencies have engaged with this individual on many occasions.

“He is fully aware of the help, support and options available to him, which include temporary accommodation and has made an informed choice in regards to his current living arrangements.

“We will continue to support our vulnerable residents in any way we can whilst respecting their life choices.”

If you identify anyone who could benefit from a Rescue Rucksack please either contact Richmond Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or Richmondshire District Council on 01748 829100.

People can help by donating money or items including hats, gloves, socks, toiletries, gift cards for Greggs or Costa, wind up torches and extreme weather sleeping bags.

To contact the family click here or email



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