Richmond School parents asked to complete uniform survey

Richmond School.

Parents are being asked to complete a survey on changes implemented this year to Richmond School’s uniform policy.

The survey has been put together by other parents unhappy at the new policy which was introduced at the start of the school year.

It meant that skirts and trousers with the school logo were compulsory and had to be bought from one individual supplier.

However, some parents refused to buy the new uniform and sent their children to school in uniform without the logos on, which can be bought for less than half the price at some supermarkets.

Pupils not wearing the correct uniform were faced with detentions and being placed in isolation.

Arwen Webb liaised with the school on behalf of parents unhappy with the new policy and made a formal complaint which was rejected by a panel.

She said the survey was only nine questions long and completely anonymous.

She added: “Changing the school uniform last hear had a material effect on parents in terms of cost.

“The new trousers cost £18 plus £4 p&p for one pair. You had to buy from that supplier or your child will be punished.

“Some children were punished because the supplier failed to supply on time.

“Even now I find parents unhappy with the policy. In fact, it was one such conversation recently that inspired me to do the consultation as I wondered how many parents have been affected and how many parents contacted the school.”

To complete the survey, click here.

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  1. we have tonnes of school uniform ready for our uniform bank on the 31st of July. We only have about 3 pairs of trousers with logos so Richmond school parents won’t Benefit as much as other parents from this.

    As someone who sees the struggles in our town I think making it compulsory is not necessary.

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