Richmond store to close due to “massive” rise in costs

York House in Richmond. Photo: Georgie Swift.

A prominent Richmond shop has launched a clearance sale after announcing it is close due to a “massive” rise in costs.

York House in Richmond Market Place will shut in December, with a 50 per cent sale of stock now being held before it closes.

Owner Christine Swift said she was shutting the business due to the increase in energy and other costs the company had faced.

She and her late husband bought the premises 26 years ago from the previous owner Elizabeth Shaw.

Prior to that the building had been standing empty for nearly five years.

Christine said: “There were newspapers three foot high blocking the front entrance in, we had to go round the back to enter.”

Planning permission was obtained for nine units and a workshop for the building.

“I had previously rented the Old School Kitchen in Nuns Close Car Park from Richmond Council.

“The lease was up and the council wanted the unit back so that they could knock it down for housing.

“The initial intention was just to do the ground floor for myself and two other units with a café.

“Other small craft type businesses wanted a unit so we ended up renovating the whole building and this was occupied by various small businesses and a health/beauty parlour on the whole of the top floor.

“Gradually these businesses folded and York House as it is now took over the whole of the building and outside area.”

Christine said York House had initiated various events in the town and taken part in all that has been organised by others in Richmond.

“We have sponsored events and people throughout this time.

“We have always taken great pride in our display of flowers including taking part in the In Bloom events and we survived the ‘get rid of the mural’ on the side of the building!”

Christine added: “Now the time has come for us to close the doors on York House.

“This will happen at the end of 2023 — due to the massive increase in energy and increased costs in just about everything else we are unable to keep this going.

“Few local people use us  due possibly to online sales and maybe the difficult parking or non-parking.

“We rely on tourists and this sector has dropped this year.

“We have put in a planning application for change of use of the upper floors of York House to residential.  The property will be put up for sale next year after Christmas.”

The shop has launched a 50 per cent half price sale in one of the downstairs units, with reductions being made on a daily basis throughout the store.

“We have a lot of stock and this will take some moving so promoting this sale is of paramount importance to us.

“It is the first proper sale York House has ever held.”


    • This is so sad. A wonderful place to browse and to buy something that little bit different. Understandable though….Best wishes to the owner.

  1. The owner cites high energy costs as one of the reasons for the business being no longer viable. Time to end the sequence of Tory MPs that Richmondshire has had for 113 years? Other political parties are available.

  2. So very sad, what a week for Richmond as a whole with so many businesses closing.

  3. So very sorry to hear this it’s been a wonderful experience I always loved this store I bought my record player here always bought small nick nacks here to all the very best.

  4. My friends and I make special trips to this glorious shop full of eclectic things you don’t know you need until you see them. So sad to hear of its closure as I look around my home and garden at the many beautiful things I have bought over the last few years.
    Truly sorry and your shop will be a huge loss to many people

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