Richmond tech company to offer new services

Jason Weatherill, IT support engineer at the thecitysecret.

A Richmond IT company is offering new services to meet the needs of small and micro businesses in the area.

thecitysecret’s plans for growth during 2019 include offering a new IT support service, along with continuing to expand its software development team.

Sophie Hazell, director at thecitysecret, said: “Most businesses use technology and IT, but some small and micro businesses don’t have the luxury of being able to employ someone full-time to look after their IT and if things fail it could harm their business.

“We can help these businesses by providing technical expertise, advice and support on either an ad hoc or contract basis.”

Established in 2000, thecitysecret work with a range of companies, large and small, providing software development expertise.

The company says it understands businesses often have different needs and budgets when it comes to their IT system and software requirements.

Jason Weatherill , IT support engineer at thecitysecret, said: “I am looking forward to working with other local companies to help solve their IT problems and improve their systems.

“Sometimes all I need to do is offer advice around some simple changes and updates to their current setup which could help their system run more smoothly or I can work on a complete IT system installation, PC/Server upgrades, device encryption and backup solutions.

“We offer a flexible service which suits our customers.”

Sophie added: “We are still growing our software development side of the business, and we have a current opening for a .net web developer to join our team in Richmond, but we are really excited about these new opportunities to work with other local businesses, supporting their IT and solving their tech problems.”

For more details about thecitysecret and the services they offer you can contact them via their website: email: telephone: 01748 822160

For more details about the current .net web developer vacancy details can be found here: or email