Richmond vigil now to be virtual event after covid concerns

Sarah Everard.

A vigil which was due to take place in Richmond on Saturday following the death of Sarah Everard will now be a virtual event.

The change announced today by the organisers comes amid concerns the gathering could encourage the spread of coronavirus.

home in Clapham, south London on March 3.

Her body was found in Kent woodland a week later.

A serving Met policeman has been charged with her kidnap and murder.

The death has sparked a national debate about women’s safety and violence against women.

The original event was due to take place at 8pm in Richmond, with organisers stating that it was only for women and non-binary people.

I have listened to your concerns and worries about the vigil and the organisers have now taken these on board.

“So the new plan of action is that through the day you can go lay flowers at a location we will disclose on the day, then join us virtually for the vigil.

“It’s so important this event happens but it’s also vital to protect our area especially with how close we are with vaccinations.

“You are welcome to lay flowers and light candles on your doorstep as well.

“The event is to remember those in our area who have suffered at the hands of violence and the nameless victims whose abusers walk free.”

For more details on the event click here.


  1. No disrespect to this lady who has died at violent hands BUT may we also remember the other ladies who have suffered abuse and worse at the hands of so called grooming gangs this includes young girls and seems to be very much foregOtten at this time.

    • It does say that we can remember those who have alsosuffered at the hands of violence and the nameless victims whose abusers still walk free in our area.

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